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Mod Post

I decided to dust this comm off since more people have joined DW recently. It was never my intention to let things die so I'm sorry about that.

Hopefully things get going better this time around.

If you have something to post, please go ahead and do it.
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A Slight Update

1. Crossovers with a non-CLAMP series is allowed. Just make sure that the CLAMP characters have a bigger role than a cameo.

2. I've decided to allow discussions to take place here. I'm doing this for a few reasons, one of which is because I know not all fans can contribute creativity to the fandom but would still like to participate. So if you want to make a post on the latest xxxHolic and Kobato chapters or even posts to talk about your favourite CLAMP scenes or pairings, go right ahead.
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Welcome to [community profile] piffle_princess, a community for CLAMP fanworks and discussions on DW.

In this comm, you can post fanfics, fanart, icons, doujins and anything else that was made by fans. You can also post recommendations to works that you've enjoyed and you post prompts in hopes that someone will want to fill it. And you can post topics that you want to discuss with other fans.

Take a moment to read the comm rules and then go ahead and start posting.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or need a mod to step in and stop wank, leave a comment in this post. All comments are screened so that users can keep their privacy.