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TITLE: You Got It (gift for [ profile] beltenebra)
SERIES: Legal Drug, Clover, xxxHoLic. Cameos from CLAMP School Detectives, Nijuu Mensou ni Onegai (Man of Many Faces), Magic Knight Rayearth, and Angelic Layer.
PAIRING: Himura Rikuou x Kudou Kazahaya, main, with a healthy dose of Doumeki Shizuka x Watanuki Kimihiro. Various background pairings.
DISCLAIMER: Everything in the CLAMP Megaverse was originally created by CLAMP. They are entirely to blame for creating a system of crossovers that do not easily disclaim. Characters have been adapted without authorization or approval, and I am making no profit from their use.
WARNINGS: 1) Pirates. 2) Ninjas. 3) Schlock. 4) Smut. 5) Singing! 6) Utako and Akira (in addition to normal levels of schlock).
RATING: NC-17. Strong language, adult situations, final chapter has explicit sexual content. A version with explicit content edited out is available (although it's still verging on R).

SUMMARY: Life at Green Market is never easy, but Kazahaya definitely didn't ask for all this crap. And that went double for thigh-high stockings.

"Go help our guests, Kudou-kun. And remember -- the customer may not always be right, but the customer is definitely armed with at least five deadly weapons."

4 Chapters (complete):
1: Anything You Want
2: Anything You Need
3: Anything At All
4: Ba~aby (explicit version -- click here for the Edited Version)

Being the fourth part of Fifteen Mokona on a Dead Man's Chest, "You Got It" is a sequel to:
I: Rum & Popcorn (Doumeki/Watanuki), II: Talk Like a Pirate Day (Kurogane/Fai), and III: Slings and Arrows (Doumeki/Watanuki)

This series is a broad "Pirates vs. Ninjas" alternate universe comprised of short, multi-chapter stories that can be read on their own, but as time goes on, will probably make more sense if you start at the beginning. While I'm still doing housekeeping my Dreamwidth journal, intermediate chapters may continue to point to LiveJournal.


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