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Hey, people! Signups for the Parallels Exchange are open until the 29th June (next friday) and there are three CLAMP series avaliable for people to prompt and offer - Magic Knight Rayearth, Duklyon (which is listed as Gakuen Tokkei Duklyon, so under G rather than D, in case you can't spot it. Not that I couldn't find it or anything when I signed up. XD) and Tokyo Babylon.

The exchange is for rarer asian fandoms, and you only have to offer 4 fandoms. Plus, you can offer and request fanfic, fanart or fanvids! The minimum requirements are low, too - fic: 500 words; vids/amvs: 30 seconds; art: 500x500px, and nothing's due until the 1st August.

If you're a fan of any of these, please consider signing up! *pleading expression goes here*

(Especially if you're a Rayearth fan, not that I am utterly biased or anything. XD)

The prompts are all going to be made visible later in the challenge, so there's the chance of extra fic/art/vids too!

The dw comm is [community profile] parallelsfic; the signup is running on archive of our own, you can ask the mod for an invite if you need one. The list of avaliable fandoms is here.

Please come play? I'm the only person currently offering/asking for Rayearth or Duklyon! I FEEL ALONE.


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